Renting our reusable cups

Buying cups isn't for everyone, if you have a large scale or one off event, you might want to consider renting reusable cups. Leaving us to supply, collect, wash, dry and store your rented cups ensures your event remains that bit more sustainable.
  • Gathering your cups

    You have the option to rent our mobile, interlocking bin systems (with clever drip trays) to collect your cups with zero mess.

  • Collection & cleaning

    We'll pick up your cups and transport them to our facility, cleaning them with machines that use 30% less energy than conventional washers.

  • Reuse

    We'll deliver your next set of cups.  All our cups are reused at least 200 times and recycled after this.  None are sent to landfill.

Here's our range of rental cups

Pint & half pints

Other cups

Speak with us

If you have questions about buying vs renting, our support services or anything else then let's have a chat to discuss.