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Frequently asked questions

Are reusable cups more sustainable than single use ones?

Yes! Our main priority is to prevent single use plastic entering landfill, and by producing our reusable, recyclable cups that are never thrown away, reusable cups are more sustainable. A helpful tip we give customers is to not put a date on their branded cups, this way the cups can be used again and again over many years making them more sustainable than single use cups.

Where are our cups made?

We are proud to be a British company and all our cups are made in the UK. This helps reduce transport emissions from those that import.

What are our cups made?

All our cups are made in the UK and are made of polypropylene making them fully recyclable at the end of their life. Polypropylene is shatterproof making them safe for all events and are very durable.

Do I have to buy cups, or can I rent them?

We offer a rental option, which often suits events using reusable cups for the first time. Rental cups can be ordered completely plain cup, or a style generic cup which has a “Please reuse me” message printed on the cups.

What is the lead time?

For screen printed cups we can have your order delivered to your door within one week once the artwork is approved. For full IML cups we allow 6 weeks for your order to arrive. However, please speak our sales team if you are working to a deadline as we will always do our best to accommodate your order arriving at the earliest convenience.

Do I need to provide my own artwork?

We can supply you with blank templates for you to upload your own artwork, or alternatively our Graphic Designers can upload your artwork for you. We ask for the images and logos to be provided in high resolution. Once the final design has been sent and signed off, we will plan your order into production.

Can I wash my cup at home?

Of course! Our reusable, recyclable cups are made to be used time and time again, weather that’s for an event, to use at home or both. All our cups are dishwasher proof, we advise for them to be placed on the top shelf, please ensure all cups are dry before storing.

Does a deposit scheme have to be used when using reusable cups?

A deposit scheme isn’t necessary for all events, although it is a popular choice, adding value to the cup and the customer is more likely to return it to the bar, making the event a lot cleaner. A levy system is also just as popular, and we are more than happy to discuss this with you to see what suits you best.

How do I make payment?

When discussing your order with our team, all payment terms are discussed. Our bank details can be found on the bottom of our invoices and once we have received payment, we will begin the process of making your cups.

If I were using a reusable cup scheme at my event, what do I need?

All staff at Recup can assist with the planning of introducing reusable cups at your event if required, we are happy to get involved and advise on how best to communicate this with your team, customers and how best to promote. We are happy to share our knowledge in the industry and our team have many years of experience working with reusable cups.

How long will my cups last?

Our cups are durable and last multiple washes, IML cups can be washed approximately 300 times in our industrial machines. We are happy to wash and store your cups if your event takes place annually, of perhaps if it’s a single event the rental option may be better suited? Please speak to our team regarding all the options we can offer you. We ensure all our cups can be recycled and once they have reached the end of their life span, we use old cups to make our tote boxes and cup bins. We would be happy to receive any unwanted cups to our warehouse address, alternatively local recycling centres are able to take these for you also.

How do my cups arrive on site?

This all depends on how many cups you have ordered, we have our own vehicles and drivers that deliver most orders, for smaller orders we work very closely with a courier company who will ensure your order arrives in full on time. Tracking is always provided so you can be kept up to date as to when you should receive your cups.

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