Our Services

Production & Printing

We manufacture our cups here in the UK on state-of-the-art, fully electric machines which use up to 40% less energy than older machines

You can print your full-colour logo on the cups, our standard 'Reuse me' message, or keep your cups totally plain.

By having complete control of the process we're able to achieve fast production timescales with a low carbon footprint.

Washing & Drying

Just like our production facilities, the washing and drying infrastructure we've built is cutting edge:

Our energy efficient steam condenser helps us achieve 20% less water and 30% less energy usage than standard

Our drying equipment is custom-built, ensuring all cups are packed bone-dry

Our capacity can reach over 200,000 cups in 24hrs

Storage & Transportation

Our facility holds up to 5,000,000 cups all under one roof (lowering the carbon footprint vs multiple warehouses).

We operate pick-up and drop-off facilities via our own fleet of vans:-

In the London area we use electric vans

Outside of London we use fuel-efficient petrol-vans and will make the switch one battery technology makes electric viable (we hope soon!).