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By using RECUP you have no outlay for plastic cups at your event saving you money. After the event any cups that are kept by the customers you retain a percent to generate income by using RECUP. You will also not have to worry about disposing of rubbish cups as we collect after the event saving you time and money.

Our team will help you organise and run the RECUP system at your event from start to finish, by the following steps.


  1. We arrange a meeting to discuss the events in detail including how many bar outlets on site, expected number of visitors, amount of drinks consumed etc. This will help us understand more about your event and how many cups and what service RECUP can offer you.
  2. After the meeting we can then help you created artwork for the cups to be used at your events.
  3. RECUP starts to make the cups for your events.
  4. We arrange all the logistics and storage ready before for your event.
  1. We can offer on site staff to help run the cups on site if required.
  2. After the event we collect the unused and returned cups. The cups can then be washed and reused if generic or we recycle the cups that are bespoke.
  3. The cups that have been kept by the customers are then invoiced for and you retain a percent too to generate your income.

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