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RECUP was set up with two main objectives

  1. To reduce the amount of plastic waste that disposable plastic cups create after events that
    ends up in landfill sites.
  2. To provide consumers with a quality product that can be kept as a souvenir to remember the event.

Why use RECUP at your events?

  • The cups have a rigid appearance that makes them more pleasant to use than the disposable throw away cups. Giving the customer a more enjoyable drinking experience.
  • Using the latest IML print technology we brand the cups for your event in HD quality making them an ideal advertising and marketing tool.
  • The cups are a perfect take home souvenir for the consumer to remember the event.
  • All our cups are fully recyclable.
  • Less rubbish to clear up and dispose of at the end of your event. Equals less landfill waste and staff cleaning time.
  • RECUP are a UK based company that are committed to helping events lower their carbon footprint and reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill sites.
  • Using RECUP will not only save you money but it can also make you money!

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