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The Environmentally Friendly, Totally Brandable Cup for Your Event

RECUP are a UK based company that produces reusable, recyclable, branded plastic cups
ideal for sporting stadiums, festivals and arenas.

How it Works

I pay £1 deposit for a RECUP with my drink
I enjoy my drink using the RECUP cup
I return my RECUP and get my £1 deposit back or I keep my cup as a souvenir to remember the event, and the venue keeps my deposit


RECUP was set up with two main objectives.

  • To reduce the amount of plastic waste that disposable plastic cups create after events that ends up in landfill sites.
  • To provide consumers with a quality product that can be kept as a souvenir to remember the event.
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By using RECUP you have no outlay for plastic cups at your event saving you money. After the event any cups that are kept by the customers you retain a percent to generate income by using RECUP. You will also not have to worry about disposing of rubbish cups as we collect after the event saving you time and money.

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